Zero Interest Credit Cards

If you use a bank card cleverly then it’s possible to acquire for no charge, get additional protection in your purchases and even make cashback or rewards for spending in your card.

But, if that you don’t act with control you could wind up paying lots of curiosity and accumulating debts which can be challenging to cover off.

So what’re the professionals and cons of having a bank card – and what is the best way to utilize for a card and get accepted?

The pros


If you need to buy something costly and can not afford to pay for all of it in one single move, then a bank card is excellent, so long as you utilize it sensibly.

A 0% purchase credit card enables you to purchase that in full and then spread the costs around numerous weeks, by making some payments to clear the balance.

Provided that you spend this full off before the end of the interest-free period you then won’t get priced any such thing for utilising the card in this way. But miss this timeline and you will spend a penalty in the form of curiosity being added to the balance each month.



You get more protection if you spend with a bank card than if you spend with a debit card, cash or cheque under something called Area 75 of the Customer Credit Act.

If you get something which charges between £100 and £30,000, you can get your hard earned money right back if all of it goes wrong. Put simply, if the organization goes bust, or your purchase is faulty or does not turn up, you won’t eliminate out because you can claim the money right back from your own charge card provider.

Additionally you will have protection if your card is used fraudulently as your card company must refund the money. That won’t work however if your card company sees that you were negligent so ensure you don’t create your PIN number down anywhere.

You get more protection if you spend with a bank card than if you spend with a debit card, cash or cheque under something called Area 75 of the Customer Credit Act.

Borrow for free

Some bank cards present 0% intervals meaning you can successfully benefit from an interest-free loan. You will need to really make the minimal regular payments however, and clear your harmony ahead of the 0% present ends however usually you’ll be priced interest.

The average curiosity rate is 18% – quite large, which explains why you need to spend your debt off before curiosity shoes in.

Not everybody wants a protracted interest-free period, but even if you spend your charge card statement in full each month, you’ll however ‘acquire for free ‘. Charge card claims estimate that you will get ‘as much as 59 times curiosity free’– what this really means is as long you spend off your statement in their whole by the deadline, you won’t be priced interest. That can be quite a great assist in handling your cash flow.

Earn while you spend

Some cards even present incentives to invest, such as cashback, respect items or air miles, which means you can really generate income from your own credit card. These are just useful if you spend your statement in full – usually the curiosity you’ll be priced could be more compared to the value of the rewards.

Switch your balance

If your debt money on credit or keep cards, getting out a fresh card can really be described as a great option. You’ll probably be paying curiosity rates of at the least 18%, but you could reduce that to zero by moving your debt onto a 0% harmony move card.

There is a move charge to cover of around 3%, but it’s usually worthwhile as it it’s still less compared to the curiosity you’ll be priced if you stay along with your existing card.

Assure you spend your debt off before the end of the 0% period however as you will be priced curiosity on any debt you however have. You can use our Wise Search software to discover how probably you’re to have accepted for every single card.


The cons

Beware the debt trap

It’s important to keep in mind that a bank card is a questionnaire of borrowing. You purchase now and spend later – and you can find risks.

If that you don’t spend off your harmony in full each month, you will begin to sheet up interest. Your debt may thus rapidly spiral out of control, particularly if you spend off just the minimal regular amount.

You must thus generally decide to try to cover more compared to the regular minimal and you need to consider your charge card just as a short-term borrowing facility. You will find out how your harmony is suffering from changing your regular repayment total with our charge card calculator.

Hidden costs

The curiosity rate isn’t the only real charge of a credit card. A charge will soon be priced if you should be late making your regular payment, or miss it altogether. Additionally you will spend a penalty if you surpass your credit limit. So ensure you keep an eye on your spending and generally spend your statement on time.

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